Sunday, October 24, 2004

Games, games, games, and games...

Earlier this week I sent in my event submissions for WInter War, like I've been saying I will. they are not up at the conevntion site yet, but you can check out my gaming page to get a glimpse of what I have in store for those that attend.

peace... RHM


Ya know,

One of things I'd siad I would talk about is music. I have a huge love of music as attested to by my current collection of CDs (800+ and growing). Lately, I have been big into metal, industrial, and harder genres, but I will give a listen to just about anything.

Lately, things that have been pumping out of my various sound systems are Hell's Pit from ICP, Monolithic Baby! from Monster Magnet, and Comalies from Lacuna Coil. I also picked up the new album from Cake called Pressure Chief. It's okay if you like Cake, but otherwise, no great shakes. Something I'm looking forward to is War Party from GWAR which is due out the 26th of this month. GWAR is also coming to town (well, Urbana) on the 12th of November at the Canopy Club. I've seen them twice and am looking forward to another go-round.

Just a few thoughts I'd share with you on the music front. Until later,

peace... RHM

Sunday, October 17, 2004


Now, as I get older, I am beginning to dread birthdays. Not mine, mind you. I'm getting old and don't really give a rat's behind about that. No, now I'm beginning to hate my children's birthdays.

My daughter turned eight yesterday. I really don't mind the costs involved or the swarm of kids at the parties, the the latter tries my patience at times. I am just saddened by the thought of my kids growing up. It means that they're getting bigger, and more independant. It means that they need me that much less. Overall, I believe myself to be a good father, and I know that this is the cycle of things. Kids are born, they grow, then they move on. Doesn't mean I have to like it, though. Sigh... ...just another thing in this life that I can't control. =/

peace... RHM

Games, games, games...

Today I went over to my friend Jeff's House and played some board games with him, his sister, Jen, and our friend, Pat. We managed to get three games in, those being Carcasonne (sp?), Illuminati, and Kill Doctor Lucky.

It was my first try at Carcasonne and this beginner managed a second place finish behind Pat. Illuminati was up next and Pat managed to win that as well. Lastly, Jeff managed to off the old geezer in Kill Doctor Lucky.

All in all, it was good fun, and something I look forward to doing again sometime in the future.

As for the Winter War games, I almost have them nailed down. I just have to make a final decision on how many games I am running. I have plans for up to six events, but I am not certain I wish to run that many, so...

peace... RHM

Sunday, October 10, 2004

New Stuff...

Hey All...

We all like new stuff, right? Of course we do. Well, It's not set up yet, but I just brought home a shiny new computer. One that actually burn CDs. I don't want to say that my current machine is old, but it's running a 450MHz K6-2 processor and has a total of 13 GB of storage space split over THREE hard drives. It was time for a new toy. Happy me!

Once that is up, I should have my Winter War events figured out and I will make links available here.

peace... RHM

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Convention Game Ponderings...


Each year about this time I begin pondering what events I am running for the local gaming convention (Winter War) that happens in February. Doing one event doesn't usually take me this long of a time period, but I frequently run four or more games so...

Anyway, most of my events are pretty much plotted out but the one event that always gives me fits is the yearly Feng Shui game I run entitled Friday Night Action Theater. It's relatively easy to come up with an action movie-type of plot, but devising an original one is always the trick. This year I think I am on the right track. I have a few elements I want to incorporate that I think will help make it a winner. First, it will have the word "origami" somewhere in the title. Second, it will be geared to be more of a pugalistic ballet than a gun fight. Lastly, I want space and zero-gravity to be involved. Beyond that, I'm still working on it.

peace... RHM

P.S. -- the name of the new hamster is Twitch.

There Are Times...

When I want to choke Blogger. It has eaten a couple of entires and then published one entry I thought it had eaten with no indication that it had done so. I discovered the publishing after I had re-written the entry. Now, deleting it and republishing the blog seem to be too difficult a task for it.

grrrrrr... RHM

A New Addition...

Our old hamster, Rex, passed on about six months ago. Rex was very much loved my children and my wife, and he was a stubborn little guy. He lived around three years with us, and was full-grown when we aquired him (with the biggest set of gonads I had ever seen on a rodent). It was sad to see his health deteriorate, but Rex fought his decline with the feistiness that he had shown in life. Rex is missed.

Today, I took the family to Petsmart to get a new hamster. What we chose as a family is probably the most adorable rodent I have ever laid eyes on. It is a male dwarf hamster that is gray in color. He is tiny and has an abundance of energy. We still haven't decided on a name yet, but frontrunners are Shadow, Twitch, and Spazz.

It amazes me what getting a new pet has done to the family. We all seem a bit happier and a warm, fuzzy air of love is present in the home. Times like these are what makes being a father worth it.

peace... RHM