Sunday, October 03, 2004

A New Addition...

Our old hamster, Rex, passed on about six months ago. Rex was very much loved my children and my wife, and he was a stubborn little guy. He lived around three years with us, and was full-grown when we aquired him (with the biggest set of gonads I had ever seen on a rodent). It was sad to see his health deteriorate, but Rex fought his decline with the feistiness that he had shown in life. Rex is missed.

Today, I took the family to Petsmart to get a new hamster. What we chose as a family is probably the most adorable rodent I have ever laid eyes on. It is a male dwarf hamster that is gray in color. He is tiny and has an abundance of energy. We still haven't decided on a name yet, but frontrunners are Shadow, Twitch, and Spazz.

It amazes me what getting a new pet has done to the family. We all seem a bit happier and a warm, fuzzy air of love is present in the home. Times like these are what makes being a father worth it.

peace... RHM

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