Thursday, July 08, 2010

I Weep Inside...

Okay... WotC/Hasbro releases a revamped for D&D Fourth edition version of the classic adventure "the Tomb of Horrors" on July 20th. As a WotC Premier store, Armored Gopher Games can release it on Friday, July 9th (tomorrow). As such, it came into the store today and I have had a chance to look through it.

My memories have been badly scarred and my soul weeps as a result of what is between the covers of this book/adventure. Forget the hype... disregard all the smoke and mirrors about updating a classic adventure to 4th Edition standards... the ball has been dropped... HARD.

New suggested names for this abomination...

Crypt of Lies
Sarcophagus of Sacrilege
Mausoleum of Untruth
Cairn of Deception
Catacomb of Motardedness

I could go on a HUGE rant on why this book is a travesty, but I don't have that kind of time to write the rant necessary to vent my rage at this product. Keep in mind, I run a game store and this is a product I sell within it, and I realize it is bad business to bash on such an item. I *WANTED* to like this product based on all the pre-release propaganda that WotC put forth prior to its release. I was excited. I was willing and even looking forward to picking up my D&D4E GM screen one more time and running this for a group of players at my store.

I can't... I. Just. Can't.

If any WotC employee reads this, I do apologize for being so negative, but this is just one more example of D&D4E not being the D&D I grew up with in any way shape or form...


peace... RHManiac