Monday, April 02, 2007

Gaming Reset

Okay… I’ve done a LOT of thinking on this. As it stands, some real life things are very likely to crop up in the near future that will probably greatly take away from my copious amounts of spare time. Since I’m using the word “copious” in a sarcastic fashion, some things have to be rethought and kicked to the curb for now.

After a bit of pondering on whether or not to continue it once it reached a critical point, I have decided that Tai’eres, my homebrew fantasy campaign will continue. I like it too much to let it go, plus there is more story to tell.

I recently sat back down at my painting table and began slapping acrylic onto metal once again. I enjoy this activity. It relaxes me. I like having a painted Menoth army for my Tuesday night WarMachine enjoyment. Thus, it’s getting shoved up in priority.

I am playing in two games that meet very infrequently. One game meets once a month, while the other meets once every six to eight weeks. I’m keeping those because I have play something or I become cranky. Very cranky.

I also have another project in the slow works that I am reluctant to give up, as it’s for a friend who I don’t see often enough, and this is my way to correct this. It will be a once a month game that’s a combination of space opera and espionage. I’m currently deciding if I want to create yet another game system or use the core engine from Tai’eres. I like the Tai’eres engine, but quick and dirty it ain’t, and I like my space opera quick and dirty.

As for my other projects, well, quite simply, they’re being shoved aside and/or discarded wholesale. I’m sorry Jeff, by as much as I want to participate in WoAdWriMo, it’s not going to happen. I just don’t have the time I’d like to devote to it.

Paper Warriors and RPG are also being tabled for now. Just no time.

Finally, convention-oriented games… I’m not certain what’s going to happen there. I made a promise of sticking to using homebrew stuff, and I aim to stick to that promise. Since I have tabled RPG (the system I was going to use for these endeavors), I don’t think I can do any event I propose justice. The events I ran this past Winter War, honestly, sucked. At least they did in my eyes. I no longer want to just bring something to the table, like I have the last few years that I have run games. People pay to play in convention events, and I need to feel like I am giving them their money’s worth.

All this introspection hasn’t come without some benefit, though. My thoughts about Tai’eres have given me a couple of subjects that will become blog entries. The first will deal with scalable magic items in a fantasy game. The second will be about the subject of “Fear in RPGs”. The first article should come about within three weeks. The second, I’m not sure yet.

Stay Tuned… RHM