Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Smell of Charred Blubber...

Last night was another episode of "Far-Out Scape", a Savage Worlds game run by my very good friend, D-Man. All in all, things went pretty well. The only scary point is when my character, Willie-Rob Bodine, the obese, redneck hillbilly professional alien abductee got barbequed by a gun implacement for a seven-wound hit that he could not manage to soak enough of. Things were tense as I made some obscene Vigor checks to stay alive long enough for action-star Marcus Tempesta to try (and succeed) an unskilled Healing check and save ol' Willie-Rob's bacon. Even if the fat man had bought the farm, I wouldn't have minded. He got shot while providing cover for another character who wouldn't have survived. Even though he's six kinds of mixed nuts, there's a dash of chivalry in the hillbilly.

Beyond that, not much to report. I'm waiting for the Necessary Evil and Savage Worlds Revised PDFs to be posted, and I'm starting to plot out the work I need to do for this year's Winter War.

peace... RHM

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