Sunday, October 24, 2004


Ya know,

One of things I'd siad I would talk about is music. I have a huge love of music as attested to by my current collection of CDs (800+ and growing). Lately, I have been big into metal, industrial, and harder genres, but I will give a listen to just about anything.

Lately, things that have been pumping out of my various sound systems are Hell's Pit from ICP, Monolithic Baby! from Monster Magnet, and Comalies from Lacuna Coil. I also picked up the new album from Cake called Pressure Chief. It's okay if you like Cake, but otherwise, no great shakes. Something I'm looking forward to is War Party from GWAR which is due out the 26th of this month. GWAR is also coming to town (well, Urbana) on the 12th of November at the Canopy Club. I've seen them twice and am looking forward to another go-round.

Just a few thoughts I'd share with you on the music front. Until later,

peace... RHM

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