Sunday, October 17, 2004

Games, games, games...

Today I went over to my friend Jeff's House and played some board games with him, his sister, Jen, and our friend, Pat. We managed to get three games in, those being Carcasonne (sp?), Illuminati, and Kill Doctor Lucky.

It was my first try at Carcasonne and this beginner managed a second place finish behind Pat. Illuminati was up next and Pat managed to win that as well. Lastly, Jeff managed to off the old geezer in Kill Doctor Lucky.

All in all, it was good fun, and something I look forward to doing again sometime in the future.

As for the Winter War games, I almost have them nailed down. I just have to make a final decision on how many games I am running. I have plans for up to six events, but I am not certain I wish to run that many, so...

peace... RHM

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