Monday, January 22, 2007

The Other Shoe Drops...

The last post, I said that I had another project in mind, but it wasn’t ready for announcing yet. Well… it still isn’t, but I’m going to do so anyway.

The other project explores my not-so-known love of miniatures games. While I enjoy some historical minis games, what I really dig are the games with a more fantastic theme. I seriously love Warhammer 40K’s background and premise, but Games Workshop’s business practices leave me a tad cold. I dig collecting figures, but I am notoriously slow about assembling and painting them. With 40K, by the time a get a good force done, they change the rules on me and now three-quarters of my figures are now illegal/obsolete. In a word, GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! My current figure love goes out to Privateer Press’ excellent Warmachine. While I prefer sci-fi figs games to fantasy, Warmachine has just enough different about it that I don’t mind, and even welcome, the fantasy setting. Again, however, I am slow about assembling and painting figures, and I’m too cheap to have someone else do it for me.

Thinking about the whole assembling/painting thing got me wondering if there were others who shared my views. Perhaps because of other life commitments, lack of ability, or just plain lack of desire to do that much work just to play a game there lies an untapped market of people who would enjoy strategic/tactical miniatures games if they could avoid most of the pre-game work.

Pre-painted figures are a great idea to circumvent this issue, but the majority of pre-painted figure games emphasize a collectability aspect that makes doing grand battles difficult because one is never certain what figures they are receiving with their current purchase.

What I am about to propose isn’t a revolutionary idea. In fact, I am certain there are at least two other games out there that are basically the same thing as I’m announcing. A “paper-minis” game where those that own the game can just print out as many troops of whatever type as they need as long as they have the paper and ink supply to make it happen. The difference between my game and the others? I’m giving it away.

The game will be called Paper Warriors, and the core rules will be given away free of charge. Much like Role-Playing Game, the rules are meant to be generic, allowing folks to make whatever type of armies they wish. Just print out some representative figures and let the battles begin. Once the rules set is out, I will be following with some pre-made armies and settings. These, I will be charging money for due to other costs involved, chiefly, paying artists.

Just thought I’d clue y’all in before we all forgot about the “other project”.

peace… RHM

P.S. – by the way, the core rules and rules supplements for Role-Playing Game will be given away freely as well. I’m just going to charge money for the setting materials that I produce. =P

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