Sunday, June 13, 2010


As a game store owner, one might think that I am just swimming in gaming enjoyment.

One would be wrong.

I currently run two HERO System 6th Edition games, and I play in a Deadlands: Hell on Earth (classic) game. Every now and then I play some casual Magic: the Gathering or even Friday Night Magic, but in general, I am frequently too busy actually running the store to really game. As a game store owner, it's a good problem to have. =)

All that being said... I still love games. I mean, I own a game store... I had *BETTER* love games. Loving games means that I still think about games and game design. As such, I am rethinking my own fantasy heartbreaker game setting, Tai'eres. Mentally, it's about time for my brain to latch onto something game design related. I'm not saying anything is going to come of this round of ponderings. Just saying the creative stormfront is on the horizon.

...until then...

peace... RHManiac

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