Sunday, November 21, 2004

So It Begins...

I got together with most of the folks in the Shared Lobotomy endeavor, tonight. Dennis was unable to attend due to family stuff. We talked a bit about company set-up and then laid into our schedule of products.

We pretty much decided to put together six products or so before we even release the first one, just to give ourselves some lag time to work on other stuff.

Jeff is handling the bulk of the writing for our first offering, Foe File1: Cheap Thugs, while Sean and I will crunch the numbers for the characters. Once the text is done, either Sean or I (probably both) will proofread and edit Jeff's text. Dennis will (hopefully) provide the interior line art. Finally, Pat will distill all the elements into a usuable PDF document.

Our second offering is looking to be as yet unthought of adventure for D20 Modern. From the sounds of it, I will handle the overall design and writing of that one, with others to edit and check my mechanics.

Third, we at Shared Lobotomy are looking at producing an original card game. We have three ideas on the table, the first one created and through playtest gets the green light.

That's about it from me for now. I have things to print out, characters to create, and contracts to write.

peace... RHM

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