Sunday, November 28, 2004

I Hate The Holidays...

My chief reason for this statement comes not from dealing with all the family and friends that one happens to be around during those times. That actually can be pretty good. No, I despise the holidays because it is a disruption to my and my family’s routines. I like routines. I am very much a creature of habit. So when things enter the picture to alter my usual schedule, I tend to get cranky and thrown off of my rhythm for a bit.

As a result, some work I wanted to have finished by this past Saturday remains incomplete. Granted, I can make a up a big chunk of it tomorrow on my day off, but I wanted this particular bit of work done so I could go on to some other work. The bulk of this work has to do with the whole Shared Lobotomy thing, but a few items deal with more personal and family issues (mostly house related). Oh well, the current chunk of work is 65 percent done, and I’m fairly certain I can get the remainder done tomorrow. Once that is done, I can spend an evening typing it all in and then I get the enjoyable task of playing with contracts and contract language. Yea me! Go Me!

Overall, this past holiday wasn’t TOO bad. I’ll also admit that my work schedule had a touch to do with how AI handled some of it (i.e., my day job made me cranky). Together, with a little help from each other, my wife and I made it through. The kids seemed to have a good time, and that’s more important to me than my own enjoyment, so… (shrug)…

peace… RHM

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