Monday, November 01, 2004


I didn't blog yesterday like I wanted to. In fact, I didn't do much of anything I wanted to yesterday. The day was filled with a serious negative vibe for me and my family and was not good. I started to blog, but realized the only things in the forefront of my mind to write about was the current family strife. I decided not to air my family's dirty laundry. Yea me. =/

On the music front, I picked up the new GWAR CD, War Party, and it is good if you like GWAR. It continues in the metal seriousness that was re-started by their last effort, Violence Has Arrived (HIGHLY recommended), but with a decidedly political tone. Highlights of the new disc include Bring Back The Bomb. Krosstika, War Party, and the Reaganator. Overall good stuff.

Speaking of politics, the October 25th edition of the comic strip Get Fuzzy really summed up my feelings on our current political system. Yeah, almost anyone can run for President, but if you vote for a candidate that's not Democratic or Republican, then your vote is pretty much wasted, and that's a sad thing.

peace... RHM

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Jeff Rients said...

Sorry to hear about the family troubles, dude.

It's nice to know that GWAR is still making records. I followed them just a bit back during the Ragnarok and Carnival of Chaos eras. I've seen Phallus in Wonderland and maybe another of their crazy videos. Fun stuff.

I firmly believe that a vote for a third party is not wasted. Even without winning any races 3rd parties can pull the Big Two towards them. Look at the last Presidential election. If Gore had been able to appeal to half the disaffected liberals who went Nader, he would have had a lock. That had to have some sort of impact on the Dems. The overall field of presidential hopefuls in the primary season was pretty left-of-center as a direct result of the success of Nader/the Greens in luring away liberals in '00.