Friday, December 01, 2006

Open Mouth, Insert Foot... Again.

Once again my mouth has landed me in trouble. This time it's committed me to participate in Worldwide Adevnture Writing Month. This is kind of like National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo or NaNoMo).

The particulars are still being worked out, the main organizer, Jeff Rients, wanted a little blippie graphic to place in various blogs and stuff. So, Here's my take...

Now to work on a couple of other projects, and wait for more details on WoAdWriMo or WoAdMo or whatever... =P

peace... RHM


Anonymous said...

hey i like this "open mouth insert foot" thing. i could make lotsa stories from using that... blog plot. so far my blog has been kinda sounding like yours. music, fatherhood... i add motherinlaw.
anyway dude. i'll check back later

the Red-Haired Maniac said...

Hey, if you like the idea, take it.

To be honest, I've blogged more in the last month than I had in the previous ten. When I blog a lot I feel that I'm taking time away from something else (wife, kids, house, various gaming projects, etc.), but every now and that I have something to say. even if it's just "Hoo-Ah!!!"

peace... RHM

Martin Ralya said...

Howdy. :)

If Jeff makes this the official logo (which I think he has), do you mind if I include it on Treasure Tables (where I'm hosting the forum and download page)?

And assuming you don't mind, do you have a larger version (the biggest in a the cleanest format possible -- tiff or png, maybe -- would be great)?

Thanks in advance. :)

the Red-Haired Maniac said...

Hey Martin...

Not only would I not mind if you used the image, I'd be honored.

I can put the image into whatever format you need. I have the base version in raw vector form in an Adobe Illustrator file. So TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP, JPG, whatever you need. And since it's in vector format, there's unlimited scalability. So how big ya want it?

peace... Dave

Martin Ralya said...

Thanks! If you can email me a tiff or png in the 900x900px range, that should be fine.